If you want a clean, well-maintained and well-manicured building, then BCCS is your trusted team.
We take pride and extreme care in everything that we do to maintain the common areas of each property we service. From cleaning, vacuuming, weeding, washing, pruning, polishing and everything in between, we are here to help you create an immaculate environment that residents can feel proud to call home.

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How We Work

When it comes to service and cleanliness, we make sure the process of managing your building
is easy and hassle free. Here are some of the reasons why you can rely on our team
to deliver an exceptional service and get the job done properly.

We provide a professional and timely service

Our proven system simply works

We’ve honed our skills, methods and systems to provide you with the highest level of service when it comes to property cleaning and maintenance. We guarantee that each job will be expertly taken care of in a quick and efficient manner, utilising our fully equipped vans. Working in tandem, we cross check our work, which is also regularly overviewed by the management team.

We have an honest and reliable team

That can be part of your community

We understand that resident safety is of paramount importance, so we strive to ensure that you will always see the same friendly BCCS team members in your building. We train our staff to know the particulars of your property so they can anticipate your needs and work with confidence. Our branded vehicles and uniformed staff can be easily identified, providing further peace of mind when we’re working on site. Our team is fully insured and OH&S compliant.

We ensure nothing is missed

Our attention to detail is second to none

We see what you don’t see and make sure it’s taken care of. Cobwebs, rouge weeds, a spot on the glass – it’s the little things that make the difference between a good job and an exceptional service. We pride ourselves on this high-level work ethic and often go above and beyond to keep everyone happy.

We’re great communicators

We are proactive and responsive

When you’re managing a building, anything can happen. We strive to anticipate any challenges that may arise and we’re quick to solve any problems proactively. Always courteous and polite, we act as your eyes and ears on site, remaining in regular contact to report on our service progress and any important matters.

Our options are flexible

We’re here to serve your needs

No building or property is the same, and we understand that. We carefully assess each property and provide a tailored service solution that suits your particular needs. Whether you need weekly or monthly services or ad hoc jobs, we work with your budget to get the best service solution for your property.

We’re passionate about our industry

We have a young and fresh approach

Hungry to lead in this industry, we’re always on the lookout to try a new system, continually improve our services and methods and set a benchmark standard. We’re keen to hear feedback on how we can do better, what our clients need most and address any gaps that present themselves in our field.

What We Do

On behalf of the Body Corporate/Owners Corporation, we provide high quality
professional cleaning and caretaking services to all common indoor and outdoor areas of properties.








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Clients We Work With

We proudly manage over 130 properties, which range from small apartment blocks of two
to larger properties with over 200 apartments.

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Contact us now to find out what we can do for you. CONTACT

Our Story

When Two Merged As One

BCCS is privately owned and operated by business partners and friends Brent Lukav and Jake Sharp.

Brent Lukav established BCCS in 2010, managing four properties while Jake Sharp started a separate body corporate cleaning business, Man vs Clean in 2012, caretaking a large 107 apartment property. Both businesses began with Brent and Jake being the only employees and cleaning themselves.

Being sole operators and hands on cleaners in those early days, Brent and Jake got a true understanding of the nitty gritty of the business and learnt to know what clients wanted and needed.

As both businesses grew and both Jake and Brent started to employ staff their small sole operated business needed to take the next step. In July 2014, Brent and Jake decided to merge their independent cleaning businesses bringing their knowledge, insights and clients together to form a unified team that was the foundation of what BCCS stands for today.

As company directors, Brent brings to the table his background and experience in high level client management having worked for a top tier accounting firm; while Jake is a seasoned

entrepreneur having operated numerous successful hospitality businesses giving him the leading edge when it comes to customer service.

From those humble beginnings in 2010, BCCS has grown quickly and substantially. Today BCCS manages over 130 properties, which range from small apartment blocks of two to larger properties with over 200 apartments. The team now includes Brent and Jake as directors, a manager, team leaders, an ever growing amount of staff, and a fleet of vehicles on the road.

While focusing on client management, nurturing staff and providing a leading service in the industry, both Brent and Jake are still very hands on and are not shy to roll up their sleeves when the job calls for it.

Their hands on approach means that even as the business grows, their attention to detail, commitment to each property and enthusiasm does not diminish.

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