Let us transform your garden with a service you can trust.

Our team of experienced and qualified gardeners hold a wealth of knowledge relating to plant care and seasonality.

For gardening and landscaping services in Melbourne, our team can help with:

  • General garden maintenance
  • Lawn mowing and edging
  • Weeding and maintaining garden beds
  • Pruning and shaping
  • Hedge trimming and maintenance
  • Planting and plant selection
  • Watering systems and irrigation
  • Laying mulch
  • Garden fertilisation and plant feeding
  • Garden pest control
  • Lawn restoration and turf laying
  • Garden construction and landscaping
  • Soil preparation and restoration


From a general everyday clean to more specialised solutions, we offer an array of cleaning services tailored to suit your needs.

A neat, clean, and inviting garden is one of the most attention-grabbing features of any building. It sets a standard for cleanliness and attention to detail before anyone steps inside. 

Having an unkempt garden can give the impression of laziness, potentially ‘turning off’ prospective residents. Gardening services are crucial to ensuring the grounds of your building are looking their best. 

Why use gardening and landscaping services?

Having a professional gardening team allows for consistent grounds maintenance, ensuring you receive optimal results in garden maintenance. Great care is taken to rejuvenate every garden we work with to create a safe and pleasant environment for all.