Body Corporate
Cleaning Services

Specialising in Owners Corporation 

and Commercial cleaning services

Our services

BCCS offers a range of cleaning services, from every day cleaning to specialised services.

Whether your building is residential or commercial, large or small, BCCS will tailor a service to meet your needs and requirements.

Our approach

  • A meticulous set of cleaning systems and standards
  • Professional, reliable and cost efficient
  • Pride ourselves on attention to detail
  • Fully flexible - daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or one-offs
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable products, materials and systems

Our team

  • Extensively trained to work efficiently and complete all tasks correctly
  • Fully insured, OH&S trained and WorkCover compliant
  • Easily identifiable wearing professional BCCS uniforms and arrive on-site in branded company vans
  • All our work is completely verifiable as start & end times are documented together with photos and reports
  • Friendly and approachable


  • We use environmentally friendly and sustainable products and materials
  • Our cleaning liquids are enzyme based meaning they break down easily once they are disposed of
  • Our enzyme based products are formulated to be incorporated into water at very low concentration levels and are therefore environmentally safe and harmless to come in contact with
  • All regulated components of our enzymes have been rigorously tested for human safety, biodegradability and aquatic safety

Our Story

  • We serviced our very first building in Kew in 2010 and as our business has grown we have never lost sight of what is most important and that is to maintain the highest level of service and cleaning standards for our clients.

    We now employ over 40 valued staff members and have 20+ BCCS branded vans on the road. We are proud of our story so far and look forward to continuing to service our clients into the future.